Exploding Bakery Cafe Exeter

The Exploding Bakery Cafe


1 & 2 The Crescent Queen Street Exeter, EX4 3SB


Filter coffee, Mouthwatering cakes, Brownie delivery service


The Exploding Bakery was so named because of a story from one of the owners, whose great granddad’s bakery exploded after static build up from flour particles rubbing together! These guys sell notoriously delicious cakes and excellent coffee. We’re talking delicious bakes like sour cherry and pistachio polenta, and raspberry and white chocolate bakewells. We love their Gizzillionare slices – Exploding Bakery's take on a Millionaire's shortbread – and recommend checking out their famous letterbox brownies (which boast flavours like Jaffa cake and peanut butter).

Situated in Exeter – just outside Central Station – this café has been a saving grace for commuters but also attracts shoppers from town looking for a bite to eat and a spot of people watching outside in the sun. You can also pick up fresh frittatas, fancy sausage rolls and dhal soup inside. There’s also small selection of white sourdough loaves that are baked fresh.