Ashburton Craftmongers


32 North Street, Ashburton, Devon TQ13 7QD


Artisan Crafts, Independent Makers, Ceramics, Textiles.

07727 170936

This little gem of a shop was created after founder Toby Strong amassed a collection of beautifully crafted treasures from his travels across the world. Run by local artist Jodi Lou Parkin, digging through Ashburton Craftmongers feels a bit like perusing a collection of Mary Poppins’ favourite things.

This is a store you can really delve into. Investigate its contents and find a couple treasures along the way. Pieces are often unique and made by artists or local craftspeople, coming in a joyful array of different textures and simple, beautiful designs. Handrolled beeswax candles, smooth leather collars and fragrant body oils sit alongside original artworks and books.

Browsing around, it’s easy to get inspired to take up your own craft. The owners use the space to show off the fruits of dedicated makers, showcasing individually created terracotta pots, steel knives and carved wooden bowls. Otherwise there’s beautifully made ink sets, sketchbooks and print-making kits on the shelves that ache to be used. Let the time melt away as you explore.