Star & Garter Falmouth

We Review The Star & Garter's Sunday Roast Delivery Boxes

As the designated family member for cooking the Christmas roast, I like to think I know my way around a 180° fan oven. So, when The Star & Garter got in touch to ask if we would like to review one of their roast boxes, I dutifully stepped up to the stove…

The Delivery

I was quite impressed that a box of roasted goodness managed to be shipped across two counties and arrive with no spills or breakages, with the package promptly arriving on our doorstep before midday on Friday so everything could be neatly packed into the fridge. All the pots were clearly labelled (not that one should struggle to tell the difference between a carrot and a potato) and they receive bonus points here for everything being largely cardboard with a small amount of compostable plastic.

The Cooking

We opted for the pork roast, which impressively only takes 20 minutes to reheat and have on a plate (the beef roast takes a fraction longer at 30 minutes).  There are very clear and simple instructions for oven temperatures and which element goes in the oven at which point. I was really taken aback by just how simple all of this was to do, and of the selling points of this for me was how little washing up there was to do in comparison to making my own roast from scratch. I’m usually someone who likes to use as many pans and utensils as possible before conveniently finding something else to be doing when it’s time to start the washing up, so this was a definite bonus.

The Eating

The great injustice of this service is that it made me realise that the team at The Star & Garter can make a roast, and then send it in a box to anywhere in the country to be reheated, and it’s better than something I can cook at home. The pork shoulder was so wonderfully succulent, the Yorkshires were fluffy and the potatoes were probably the best example of duck fat, rosemary and garlic indulgence I can remember. My only minor gripe, which I must include for balance, is that the gravy is a little rich but even this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

The roast is finished off with a dark chocolate mousse with smoked almond praline, which is exactly my kind of pudding. One of the side effects of lockdown is that I now have to be selective in how I sit as my clothes are a bit tighter than they used to be, which I reminded myself of as I contemplated eating the entire thing in one sitting. Thankfully, I managed to spread pudding across two evenings.

The Verdict

Simply, these are great. They’re a fantastic end-of-week treat, the service is speedy and it’s wonderfully straight forward to cook. The pork roast box for two comes in at a very reasonable £38 (delivery is free over £30 or for any orders in the TR1-5, 10 & 11 postcode areas) and there’s the option of adding a pre-made cocktail or bottle of wine for an extra special occasion. I’m sure there’ll be a great demand for this service while restaurants remain closed, and even once they reopen they’re a great option if you fancy taking the pressure off when hosting, or if you’re after a more relaxed Sunday roast experience at home.

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