Buy Affordable Art and Raise Money For Beyond Borders

From 9th – 16th July 2022 art lovers are invited to take part in Stand Tall, a silent charity art auction at Southcombe Barn, Widecome. Over 20+ leading South West artists will be auctioning their work to raise much needed funds for DEC Ukraine humanitarian appeal and Beyond Borders Totnes, a charity working with refugees arriving in the South West. Expect contemporary art of all kinds, with opening bids starting at just £70.

This act of solidarity through creativity is curated by art-minded friends: writer Sylvie Saunders, screen printer and illustrator Sandra Salter and graphic designer Kate Humphries, all from Ashburton. When asked about her reason for organising Stand Tall, Sylvie had this to say:

“Back in February we took the kids on a much cancelled trip to Paris. We left  the South West for the first time since 2019 and travelled by train from Newton Abbot to Paris – quite a shift in views along the way… For all of us, a city trip after two years of introspection was mind-blowingly invigorating and stimulating. 

But as we woke up in a new country ready to explore, we also woke to news of war. Ukraine had been invaded and the war in its horrific human intensity was in every update and everywhere we turned. It was an uncomfortable juxtaposition and when we returned home that same juxtaposition infiltrated our waking moments – the privilege of peace, of buying bread, having coffee, the school run, a work meeting, doing the washing. All of it seemed mad. We were all helpless. 

But I kept getting flashes back to the energetic reaction I had @centrepompidou when I saw the @jcdecastelbajac exhibition with my children. ‘The People of the Future’ was filled with such Hope, colour and  creativity – such disregard for boundaries of space – reclaiming flags for  emotions not locations and creating totemic symbols that spoke of love not  ownership or control. And it lit a desire to do something bright and joyful out of  such sorrow. Humans are good and we need to act in ways that creates more  good. Rippling out and spilling out far and wide. So of course I turned to our  local community of talented artists for ideas… 

And then a conversation with one artist, and another and another started to  shape the idea of Stand Tall… the enthusiasm of a few became a band of 22  who have all come together in solidarity through creativity to make hope out of hopelessness, and positivity and power through peaceful actions. Stand Tall  is a bold stance that shows we care deeply and value the humanity of those  facing conflict and fleeing from conflict. In response to Ukraine but inclusive of  all, we are giving all proceeds to @disastersemergencycommittee and Beyond Borders Totnes.”

Learn more about Stand Tall over on their Instagram page: @standtall_artauction or email [email protected]

Artist credits (from top to bottom): Jo Waterhouse (Sunflowers), Lee Hodges (Animation), Jane Cabrera (Crow)