George Cory Photography

Meet The Photographer: George Cory

We first encountered George Cory’s photography over on Instagram. Capturing the comings and goings of two coastal communities – Bournemouth and Folkestone – there was something about his work that just felt familiar. Though his subject matter is varied (we’re talking portable saunas to sausage, chips and mushy peas) each of his photographs seems to tell a story. Here’s what George had to say about his work…

Hi George, can you tell us about your introduction to photography – what got you started? 

My grandmother has a huge bookcase of photo albums and we’d often (and still do) sit for hours looking through them. She was just a hobbyist and enjoyed capturing her memories. I was mainly engrossed by the photos from her travels in North America in the 1960s. I think this really inspired me to start documenting my own life and the world around me. 

How would you describe your aesthetic? 

In a recent write up my work was described as “having an indulgent aesthetic, presenting life as beautiful, wholesome and warm. All his images tell me something about the identity of either the location it is based or the subject the image is surrounding. George’s focus is to explore the identity of situations and places. George is a film photographer and has successfully captured that always desired aesthetic of ‘the good old times’ making all his images seem like beautiful, treasured memories.”

Do you have any formal qualifications or are you largely self-taught?

I’m currently studying for a Master’s in Photography at Arts University Bournemouth and will be graduating in September. 

What challenges do you encounter most often?  

The price of film is going up exponentially and film processing labs are becoming few and far between. I really like the physicality of using film. I initially started photography by almost exclusively shooting polaroids. I loved holding them in my hand and watching them appear and then having that object forever. It’s quite a sentimental thing for me, but soon this may not be accessible.  

If you could swap jobs with anyone in the world, who would it be?

David Bailey, fashion and portrait photographer. Some of the most famous people ever have gone through his studio. 

What’s one topic you could talk for hours about?

Saunas. My most recent photography project has been documenting the new British Sauna Movement trend.
Photographing pop-up/portable beachside saunas along the coast. I love using them as much as I can and reaping their benefits. 

Where would we find you on your days off? 

Watching football. Either at my local side Dover Athletic or up at the Emirates Stadium to watch Arsenal (or sat on the sofa watching it on TV).

What music or podcast is playing when you’re working?

I love Jazz, there’s some great young and modern jazz musicians on the UK scene at the moment. ‘Alfa Mist’ in particular. That genre also transcends and influences the other music I listen to (Hip Hop, Rap, Funk, Disco).

What’s your go-to coffee order?  

Oat Flat White.

What’s the best advice you could give to a budding photographer? 

Just keep shooting. Have a camera on you at all times. Take photos of things that you find interesting, eventually other people will find them interesting too. 

Do you take commissions?  If so, how can creatives or brands get in touch? 

Sometimes! Give me a follow on Instagram: @georgecory_