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Get to know the founders of the Jurassic Feast app

If you’re planning on dining out in Dorset you ought to get your hands on The Jurassic Feast App. This new, loyalty scheme based technology is the brainchild of Ross Travill and Giles Smallwood, who share a love and passion for all things sustainable and, of course, the beautiful Jurassic Coast. Together with their business partner Sally Cuthbert, they’ve brought to life a digital platform that showcases Dorset’s fantastic local food and drink scene. Jurassic Feast users can simply download the app on their phone and can start making the most of its unique incentives, from discounts and offers at their favourite Dorset restaurants to savings at local farm shops. Here at The Maverick Guide we love the concept behind Jurassic Feast because it keeps more money in users pockets and gives back to the local economy. Naturally, we were keen to hear more from its Founders:

When did you guys realise that there was a demand for the Jurassic Feast App? 

During the first covid lockdown we put together a site called ‘Jurassic Coast Delivers’ which showed people which food and drink companies were offering deliveries and click and collect options. One positive from the pandemic was that people’s attention was focused even more on what was available locally and people started to discover the fantastic businesses on their doorstep. We found that there was a real appreciation for local food heroes, small producers, independent shops and restaurants who changed their business models to serve local people. Their amazing produce provided an antidote to what was a pretty bleak time. Once lockdown had lifted we wanted to build on this momentum and keep attention focused on Dorset produce and all the incumbent benefits in terms of fostering healthy lifestyle, healthy communities and a healthy planet that are derived from supporting local business and eating and shopping locally.

Jurassic Feast App Founders
Hix Oyster Fish House

So, what kind of offers can Jurassic Feast subscribers look forward to? 

There’s a pretty diverse range of offers available through the app, from straight discounts to value adds, freebies and bespoke/exclusive menus. Our aim is for each offer to be worth at least £3 as a saving (and many are worth much more), meaning that subscribers only need to use the app once a month for it to pay for itself! 

How often does the app get updated? 

Our vendors update their offers tactically and seasonally, so we encourage subscribers to check the offers regularly before doing their food shopping, ordering take away or eating out. We’re quite selective in terms of who we work with to ensure that they meet the ethos and our ‘criteria of care’. Currently there’s a concentration of vendors around Lyme Regis and Bridport (which is where we’re based) but we’re increasing our reach East and West towards Exmouth and Swanage respectively. We encourage any businesses that would like to get involved to contact us for a chat! 

River Cottage Cookery School
Lilac Lyme Regis

Can you tell us a little bit about your own respective industry backgrounds? 

Having lived in the area for thirteen years, one of the things we love about Dorset is the amazing food on offer and we’d both class ourselves as a ‘hobby cooks’. The foodie scene was one of the many things that drew us to the area. In another life we would love to have been chefs, but don’t have the talent or work ethic. So, with a background in digital marketing, running Jurassic Feast is the next best thing! 

Why do you think that Dorset attracts so much culinary talent? 

First and foremost, it’s the availability of amazing local produce. We’re surrounded by fertile agricultural land, fresh local seafood, talented small scale producers, an abundance of seasonal wild food and growers and farmers with an appreciation of and dedication to sustainability. This would tick all of the boxes for any chef and with the likes of Mark Hix, Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall, Harriet Mansell and Gil Mellor synonymous with the area this has a snowball effect and draws more culinary talent in.

As well as downloading the app what else can Maverick readers do to support the local economy during their trip to Dorset? 

I would say that it would be beneficial to start conversations with local people whether they’re shop keepers, publicans, market traders or just people out on a dog walk. Ask questions about where to shop and what to do. Dorset folk are a friendly bunch with a wealth of local knowledge and you’ll get some great tips on how to get the most out of your holiday and how to support local businesses. 

Click here to read Giles and Ross’s mini guide to Dorset or head to jurassicfeast.com to download the app.

Featured images: Hix Oyster & Fish House, River Cottage, Lilac Wine Bar. Photography by Matt Austin.