Pipers Christmas

Christmas Dinner Tips From Pipers Farm

Pipers Farm has been putting organic meat on Christmas tables for over 30 years; so they’ve learned a thing or two about how to make the big day special. No matter what centerpiece you opt for, if you want to ring the changes stick to these rules and you won’t go far wrong:

Go For Theatre

Whether you opt for a glorious rib of beef, a sumptuous goose, or more modest cuts such as duck, there’s always a way to capture the wow factor that turkey is known for. It may be in the way it is cooked, such as rolling or stuffing, or simply going a step further with the presentation. We love using natural, seasonal decorations like fresh herbs such as rosemary or bay, pine cones, and dried flowers for this.

Put Flavour First 

The table needs to look great of course, but the eating experience needs equal if not greater consideration. This means meat that has been slowly reared at a natural rate and properly hung. Look for grass-fed wherever possible (and relevant) too – a natural diet produces better meat in our book.

Plan For Leftovers 

Farming is a labour of love, so being forced to bin leftover food of any kind is something no-one wants to do. It is a terrible waste on so many levels, yet it often happens. To avoid this, plan your menu for the days after Christmas Day to accommodate this. Whether it’s leftover red cabbage being served with Boxing Day gammon, roasties turning into breakfast hash or putting your turkey in a Piper’s Farm Christmas Leftover Pie, you’ll be able to find a home for most of it if you have time to think it through. 

Ask Questions

The way meat is produced both in the UK and around the world can have a big impact on the environment and animal welfare. To encourage sustainable farming practices and high animal welfare standards, consumers need to demand information about what they are buying. So ask questions! Where was it reared, what did it eat, who reared it, how long did it spend outside, what age was it at slaughter. Asa general rule, grass-reared, slowly grown, naturally fed and truly free-range animals from smaller-scale family farms are the sustainable choice.

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