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Meet Beth Coldrick, Founder of BAO Organic Skincare

BAO Skincare (pronounced bay – o) is the brainchild of Dorset-based beautypreneur Beth Coldrick. Born out of her passion for uplifting others and embracing holistic remedies, BAO – which stands for ‘Beth’s Aromatherapy Organic’ – is bringing sumptuous and all-natural skincare to Sandbanks and beyond. We caught up with Beth to find out more about her thriving independent brand.

Can you tell our readers a little bit about BAO – what products do you make and how would you say they differ from other skincare brands?

I’ve been in the beauty industry for over 15 years, and I was first attracted to the industry because of my obsession with skincare. I trained and completed a diploma in natural beauty and nutrition in Australia 2006, and once returning back to England in 2010 I set up my own business working from home seeing clients for facials and waxing. However during this time I was also living and struggling with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. I was constantly on high strength steroids and immune suppressant medication and drugs that after time left me with 30kg of extra weight, hormonal issues and extremely sensitive skin. I couldn’t find anything on the market that would soothe and repair my skin so I started formulating my own. I’ve been a skincare formulator since 2012 and after a few months of training and testing on myself I decided to launch BAO. 

I am aware the natural beauty industry is very saturated, however I like to think I’m different because I actually have a background in beauty, skincare and I’m an actual skincare formulator.

You lived in Australia before returning home to Sandbanks. How would you say the two cultures differ in terms of their approach to wellbeing and skincare? 

Even though I lived in Australia many years ago from 2005-2009 I would always say Australia has been far ahead in terms of the wellness and skincare industry. I was lucky enough to live on the East coast so the weather was absolutely beautiful most of the time so I think the outside lifestyle just promotes a healthier happier lifestyle. I love that in Australia if you are poorly or have an issue with your body the first person you would see would be eastern practitioner then a GP.

Dorset BAO Skincare
Dorset BAO Skincare

Can you tell us about launching BAO – how did you go about getting your products in front of your customers and what was the initial response like? 

When I first launched BAO I was actually still seeing facial and waxing clients so I was able to promote my products to them. They loved them! And then of course I set up an Instagram page and website and just try to get in front of as many people as possible. In the early days I worked with a lot of subscription boxes, reached out to magazines and sent out free samples.

Who is the typical BAO customer (if there is one)? 

I would say the most typical BAO customer is a woman between the ages of 30-45, however I do have 5 very loyal customers who are in their 50s and 60s. And today they have purchased around 16 orders each in total over 3 years. I think that’s the wonderful thing about my skincare products is they actually suit all ages and all skin types. I’ve also tried to keep the branding fairly neutral yet still bright. 

What would you say has been the biggest challenge in establishing a skincare brand?

To be honest my biggest challenge has definitely been my health and ability to have energy. However, starting a skincare brand was a much bigger project than I envisioned. I think because I decided to get all of my products certified this was an extremely big process and very costly. That’s been my other challenge is finance. I’ve had to sell fund everything. It’s been impossible to get a small business funding or help, believe I’ve tried everyone! Also the fact I launched my brand end of 2018 then all of 2019 I had 3 major surgeries, so wasn’t able to put the energy into it, then 2020 we had the pandemic- nightmare but sales were booming, 2021 seemed to go by in a flash and here we are 2022. 

How much time goes into developing a new product and how do you go about testing them?  

I would say it takes around 50 hours for me to develop a new product. As it’s not just the making of the product it’s all the time spent researching, trialling and sourcing everything. I’ve been currently creating a beautiful hydrating face mask which I’m hoping to launch at the beginning of July, very excited! I keep getting asked from my customers and I obviously want to launch it too, a sunscreen. However this is something that I can’t formulate. It needs to be done properly in a manufacturer’s and it costs thousands of pounds and takes around 12 months. So it’s on my goal for 2023!

BAO Organic Skincare
BAO Skincare Dorset
BAO Skincare Dorset

Your skincare range is cruelty free and vegan (we love this). Why was this important to you and can you explain what it means for a beauty/skincare product to be 100% vegan? 

I personally think it’s really important that skin care products are 100% cruelty free. Vegan ingredients are important too, however I will admit beeswax and honey are extremely good for the skin, and of course are not vegan. With so many “vegan” skincare brands on the market I wanted to make sure my customers understood and trusted my brand. This is why all of my products are registered by the Vegan society. 

Can you tell us a fact about our skin that we’re unlikely to know?

The skin renews itself every 28 days, this is why if you want bright fresh skin it;’s best to exfoliate as this will reveal the brighter fresh new skin cells underneath .

Beth Coldrick from BAO Skincare
BAO Organic Skincare

Questions For Beth

If you could only bring one skincare product on your travels, what would it be?

Sunscreen! non sunscreen they definitely Nourish Urself Balm- can’t live without it!

What’s your favourite fragrance/scent?

I love sweet orange or rose but also (outside BAO ) I love Tonka Bean.

Do you listen to music when you work – if so, what’s your go to album/song right now?

I actually listen to podcasts whilst I make products, usually a female business one, or I love Fearn Cotton’s Happy Place, or nutrition/health podcasts like the Doctor’s Kitchen. But music I love Michael Franti, The Cat Empire, Vampire Weekend, London Grammer oh and musicals hahahah.

If you could swap jobs with anyone in the world, who would it be?

I would either love to be a Nutritionist or a Travel journalist.

Who would you say are some of the best brands and venues in Dorset?

I absolutely love Dorset Salt and Lush, as well as Big Wigs (Westbourne and Tuckton) being my favourite bakery. Venues? if you mean restaurants/places to eat, unfortunately having a stoma makes life a little difficult as there are so many places I can’t but want to eat at, but I love the Jetty in Christchurch, Miya in Westbourne as well as Limewood and The Thatch at Stapehill.

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