5 Easy Ways To Support Independent Businesses

Written by Georgia Byam

During these challenging times, we have seen and heard of many businesses across the world struggling – both big and small. Local, independent businesses are under great economic hardship, so we must come together and offer our support where possible. We will get through it, but until then, there are ways local businesses can be supported across the country (even if they are closed). 

Order from a local restaurant online 

Restaurants and cafes have been ordered to close across the country, however, hospitality businesses are still offering their services online. You can have your favourite local food delivered directly to your door; this is a great way to demonstrate your support.

Purchase online merchandise 

A considerable number of local businesses sell merchandise. These consist of tote bags, t-shirts, badges and relevant equipment. Purchasing from their online shops will be hugely beneficial to help keep them afloat. 

Purchase a gift card from a local venue in advance 

Venues have taken to social media to seek support. Some are offering gift cards, vouchers and even prepaid drinks for an evening out once everything settles. 

To see if one of your favourite local businesses in the South West is offering gift cards or vouchers, stay up to date on their website and social media pages. 

Show support on social media 

A free and convenient way to aid local, independent venues, restaurants and cafes in the South West – open or closed. Showing support on social media is just as crucial as businesses being active on them. When they post, it is important to engage with them. This can be achieved by regularly liking, commenting and sharing their posts. You can also express support by rating them or writing a review. 

Comfort Charity Cookbook

Donate to a charity or organise a fundraiser 

Finances are a huge concern for everyone. If you happen to be in a decent position, donate to a local charity. Currently, charities are under pressure because they run on donations and fundraising. As an alternative, make a one-off donation or set up a fundraiser for a local charity or business yourself! 

Click here to find out more about The Maverick Guide’s own charity project for Hospitality Action.